DIY Crossroad Destination Sign

DIY Crossroad Destination Sign |

It’s always fun to have a little travel inspiration around the house, but what about for the outside of your home? Well, here’s a really easy way to create some travel inspiration with the kiddos!

DIY Crossroad Destination Sign |

-Wood shims

-Craft paint

-Letter stickers

-Wood stick

-Utility knife

-Hot glue gun

-Craft varnish

DIY Crossroad Destination Sign |

Take a wood shim (you can get these at Home Depot for pretty cheap) and draw out a point on one end. Take a utility knife and score and snap off the unwanted wood. Paint the wood shim white. Let paint dry completely. Place letter stickers onto it, spelling out any destination. Paint over the white paint and letters with a second color. Let it dry completely. Once dry, peel off the letter stickers. Carefully use a hot glue gun to glue the destination wood shims onto a wooden stick.  Make sure to keep in mind where you are located and the direction your destination should point. Lastly, if you’re worried about weather ruining your sign, just add a layer of craft varnish!

DIY Crossroad Destination Sign |

DIY Crossroad Destination Sign |

We loved how easy this was to make and yet it added so much spunk to our garden. Have fun making your crossroad destination sign! What destinations are you going to include?

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