Map Decorative Tape

DIY Map DecorativeTape I

We are getting ready for our next gift book “See the World…” (out November 2014!) so we will be posting a lot of travel themed DIYs and recipes from around the world!

Here’s a fun and easy way we spruced up some gift wrapping by making map decorating tape.

DIY Map DecorativeTape I

Cut a map into pieces that proportionally fits your gifts best. We thought a good width of ¾ of an inch wide was a great size because this way you can still see a good amount of the map.

DIY Map DecorativeTape I

Once you’ve cut out the pieces of map, all you need to do is put double-sided tape on the back-side of the map pieces. Use these just as you would regular tape when wrapping a gift.DIY Map DecorativeTape I DIY Map DecorativeTape I

Even though this was map themed- you can use whatever paper design you like to make your own decorating tape. So much better than using regular tape, right?

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