Wildflower Drip Paint


Here’s a fun way to create your own wildflower inspired by our When Wallflower Met Wildflower book.

What you need:


-Sticker paper

-Your choice of craft paint colors


-White Paint

DIY WILDFLOWER DRIP PAINT - GIGGLING CARAVAN STUDIOFirst, either trace or free hand draw an outline of a flower onto a sheet of sticker paper. Next, create a stencil by cutting out your flower shape. Take off the sticker protecter from the back of the sticker paper sheet, and place the cutout sticker stencil onto a blank canvas.DIY WILDFLOWER DRIP PAINT - GIGGLING CARAVAN STUDIO

Using any colors of your choice, spread paint cross the top half of the canvas (see image above). Now, lift the canvas vertically so that the paint can drip down. Adding paint wherever the drip doesn’t reach.

Lay the canvas back down and let the paint settle for a bit. Before the paint dries completely, carefully take off the sticker paper from the canvas. Let paint dry completely. You’ll notice that the paint might have gone past your “outline”.  All you need is some white paint to clean up the edges.  Lastly, let the white paint dry completely. DIY WILDFLOWER DRIP PAINT - GIGGLING CARAVAN STUDIO

DIY WILDFLOWER/ HEART DRIP PAINT - GIGGLING CARAVAN STUDIO You can make a wild heart too :) We would love to see how your Wildflower came out: Instagram and tag your creations #gigglingcaravan !


Inspired by our When Wallflower Met Wildflower book.

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