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DIY Holiday Bookmark |www.GigglingCaravan.comDIY Holiday Bookmark |

Whether it’s while reading one of our gift books or your favorite holiday book, it’s always fun to add a little bit more of the holidays to reading time. Follow the simple steps below to make a fun little snowman bookmark!

What you need: Scissors, craft paper, glue, and a hole puncher.

DIY Holiday Bookmark |

Cut out the craft paper pieces, as seen above. We used a hole puncher to get those smaller circles. Don’t worry about your cutouts being perfect- your snowman will have a lot more individual and unique character if it isn’t.

DIY Holiday Bookmark |

Step 1: The hat! Glue the long rectangle to the top of your blank white bookmark cutout. Next, attach the black square (top of the hat) to the back of the bookmark.

Step 2: The snowman’s face! To create the eyes, add the two larger black circles, and then the small white circles on top. Glue on the orange triangle for the nose. Lastly, add the six small black circles for the smile.

DIY Holiday Bookmark |

Step 3: The scarf! Glue the two red rectangles (as seen above). To add a bit of character and flair to your scarf, cut little slits on one side of each rectangle.

Step 4: The buttons! Glue three medium black circles from the bottom of the scarf to the bottom of your bookmark.

DIY Holiday Bookmark | www.GigglingCaravan.comDIY Holiday Bookmark |

DIY Holiday Bookmark |

We’re posting holiday bookmarks all this week! A DIY elf, Santa, and North Pole bookmark are on their way!

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