Happy August! Giggling Caravan and You!

During the month of August, we’re giving out a bunch of free printables that are inspired by our gift books, I Know a Boy… and I Know a Girl…. We’re calling it Giggling Caravan and You. Print these positive affirmations out for your little one, a friend, or even for yourself. Here’s today’s free printable:

Free Printable! www.gigglingcaravan.com/blog/You can download our free beYOUtiful printable here. You can also purchase a larger size of each printable at our shop. Just like our books, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our prints benefit children charities.

Free Printable! Make it your phone's background! www.gigglingcaravan.com/blog

We’ll also be showing you some fun and easy ways you can use our printables! Here we made this printable the background of a phone!

We always LOVE seeing the creative ways you use our printables, so make sure to tag #gigglingcaravan on social media. Also, make sure to keep checking back because there will be plenty of free printables all month long!

I Know a Boy... www.gigglingcaravan.comI Know a Girl... www.gigglingcaravan.com

These printables are inspired by our gift books, I Know a Boy… and I Know a Girl…. 


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