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DIY Lightning Bolt Mobile

DIY Lightning Bolt Mobile |www.GigglingCaravan.com

We’re excited to announce that our next children’s gift book, out in 2015, is SUPERHERO themed! Till then, expect to see a lot of superhero themed crafts pop up on the blog like this DIY Lightning Bolt Mobile!

DIY Lightning Bolt Mobile |www.GigglingCaravan.comWhat you need: Scissors, string, marker, wooden stick, and a gold glitter foam sheet.DIY Lightning Bolt Mobile |www.GigglingCaravan.comFree hand or trace lightning bolts to the back of your gold glitter foam sheet. Remember to draw the mirror image of the lightning bolts. (See image above.)DIY Lightning Bolt Mobile |www.GigglingCaravan.comDIY Lightning Bolt Mobile |www.GigglingCaravan.comCut each lightening bolt out. Create a small hole about a centimeter from the top of each lightening bolt. Thread string though the hole, and knot. You can create a backside of the lightening bolts by cutting out a second sheet, and sticking the backs of the bolts together. DIY Lightning Bolt Mobile |www.GigglingCaravan.comArrange the lightning bolts however you prefer, and tie the other side of the string to the wooden stick.

DIY Lightning Bolt Mobile |www.GigglingCaravan.comHang your glittery gold lightning bolt mobile wherever that little superhero in your life can be inspired. We’ll  have more info about our Superhero themed gift-book for you soon! Check back for more superhero themed crafts!

Happy Tuesday from the Giggling Caravan Team!